3 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Your New Box Truck

A box truck (also known as a cube van, box van, or cube truck) can provide any type of business with both a versatile and affordable mode of transportation. This type of vehicle is utilized by a business for the purpose of delivering products, moving inventory, or transporting equipment. Box trucks are made up of two key components that makes them box trucks – the "box" for the cargo and the passenger cabin.

If you have decided buying a box truck is right for your business, make sure you cross every item off this checklist before you make your final purchase.

1. Examine the Truck During the Daylight

Examining the truck in a well-lit lot is not the same as examining the truck during the daylight. The natural light from the sun is going to make it easier for you to spot any defects or problems on the truck. The truck should also be on level ground while you are doing this inspection. If the truck is not on level ground, you are not going to be able to accurately check the fluids.

2. Check Every Opening and Body Panel Joint

Run your hand along the bottom of the doors and any joints that you cannot see clearly with your eyes. You are checking for bumps, chips, cracks, and signs of rust. You can also use a magnet to check the body of the passenger compartment to make sure it is still the original metal the vehicle came with. If the passenger compartment has had plastic repairs, the magnet will not stick to the body.

3. Start the Truck to Check the Engine

You need to listen closely to make sure there are not any thuds or knocks coming from the engine. These sounds could be because the connecting-rod bearing or crankshaft are bad. Both of these parts are fairly expensive to repair. While there is nothing wrong with buying a truck with these problems to fix them, you should find out exactly how much the repair is going to cost you and ask the seller to take that price out of the asking price of the truck because you will have to get it fixed. The other option would be to ask the buyer to fix the problem before selling it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have the truck checked by a mechanic you trust. If the seller is not comfortable letting you do this, consider finding a different seller to purchase your box truck from. Go to website to learn more.