Getting A Truck To Plow Your Own Commercial Property

If you want to plow your own commercial parking lot, and you think you could plow a few parking lots around you, you want to find a reliable truck to do the work. You don't want to use a truck that you drive on a regular basis or an SUV, and instead you should find a used diesel truck for the job. You can also plow other parking lots to pay for your investment costs.

You could save a lot of money over time plowing the parking lot on your own,  and make money plowing other parking lots on the side. Here are a few reasons why you'll want to consider getting a separate truck for plowing.

Exterior Damage

When you are plowing you can accidentally hit objects buried in the snow, stones and gravel can fly, and you can get a lot of damage on your vehicle. If you have a truck that is only used for plowing, or for hauling trailers or materials, you won't have to worry about it looking a little scratched and dented because you won't be using it for personal driving.

Mechanical Damage

The plow on the truck is going to be heavy, and hauling the plow can cause a lot of wear on the motor in the truck. You do a lot of gear shifting and the plow bounces and swings, causing wear on the struts and shocks. Plowing can wear a regular truck or SUV, but a diesel truck designed to carry the workload won't be a concern. You don't want to put your own personal vehicle at risk.

The Truck is Always Available

If you want to have someone else do the plowing when you are busy, or when you are away, the truck will always be there on the property. If you're going to use it for hauling debris or maybe other items, it will also be available and your own vehicle doesn't have to get scratched or dirty.

If you think that it would be the most cost efficient to plow your own commercial parking lot, or that you may even be able to make money doing it for others as well, it's time to get a truck. You can get a good deal on a used truck and on a used plow to get started. Find reputable used commercial truck dealers like and start saving money after your initial truck investment and plow purchase.