Watch Out For These Enemies That Are After Your Foreign Car

If you have a foreign car, you know you have a high quality car that you can depend on. Still, problems can happen, and if so, the repairs may be pricey because you have a foreign car. To help keep the repairs down, it can be helpful to know the enemies lurking out there that can cause you problems. Keep reading so you can keep your car on the road instead of in a repair shop.


Those leaves you see falling from trees can cause problems with your car. This is because leaves have tannic acid and sap that can damage and/or stain the paint on your car. It is even worse if it is wet leaves that are on your car, as they stick to it. Make sure you take time to remove any leaves from your car as soon as you notice them.

Warming Up Your Car When it is Cold

When it is cold outside, you may start your car and let it run to warm up before you get into it. You may have even heard that starting up a cold vehicle and leaving immediately can damage it. You may be surprised to learn that this is not true. Not only does this damage your car, but you also waste a lot of gas.

Road Salt

If you live in an area that has a lot of snow and ice, road salt that is put on the roads can damage your car. You can take care of this problem very easily by cleaning the body and undercarriage of your car consistently throughout the winter. You can also wax and seal your car yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you for even more protection.

Forgetting About Oil Changes

You can be your car's worst enemy by forgetting to get an oil change. You should be aware that not getting this done will greatly damage your car. Refer to the owner's manual for your car on how often you should do this. The oil lubricates your car's engine and it carries heat away from the engine. The oil circulates throughout your engine, and lubricates all of the components. Over time, oil becomes dirty, and once this happens, it cannot do its job effectively. One of the most common problems you will have if you forget your oil change is your engine to run hot, which can wear out engine components. Over time, the entire engine could fail.

Follow these tips to keep your foreign car in top condition. Contact a company like Wolfe's Foreign Auto for more information.