Need Commercial Truck Repair On Location? What To Know

If you have a manufacturing company and one of your trucks need to be inspected, but you don't have time to get it into a mechanical shop, you may have to find a service that will come to you. There are many mechanics that do on site work, and then you don't have to schedule an appointment and work around it.

You'll want to find companies that offer this type of service, and individuals that have their own traveling mechanic businesses to compare the costs. Here are a couple things you'll want to do when you call the different companies.

Verify Licensing

Verify that the mechanic has the proper licensing to work on your commercial truck, to ensure that they can fix it properly when they arrive, and so you know the truck will be safe to drive in the future. This shouldn't be a problem, especially if they are contracted through a larger mechanical company. You may also want to ask about experience when searching for a candidate.

Ask About Insurance

It's very important that the company or the mechanic has their own liability insurance. If something happens to the mechanic while they are working on your property, like they get injured and need medical attention, you don't want to get sued or end up paying the bills.

Make sure that every company has their own liability and workers compensation policy for their traveling mechanics, and that any individual mechanic that is self-employed has insurance as well. You may also want to have them sign a waiver for your own protection. You should also let your insurance provider know someone is working on property that isn't an employee.

Expect a Service Guarantee

Just like most mechanical shops, you should ask the mechanical service provider if they are going to offer a guarantee on their work. Most of the parts that are used in truck repairs come with some type of manufacturers guarantee, but the service should also be assured as well. Compare the service guarantees between providers.

Once you find an on-site mechanic that you can trust to come and help you out, you can easily schedule routine inspections and repairs whenever it works for you, instead of when it's best for the mechanical shop. There are a lot of professionals that may offer this service, so it's important to do your research before hiring anyone, and before you let anyone into your commercial property to work on your trucks.