The Importance Of Calling A Towing Company After An Accident

It is normal to feel confused and stressed immediately after a serious collision. Nevertheless, if the car is badly damaged, you need to have it towed from the scene. Provided they are no major injuries, there is no need to call 911. However, as the owner of the vehicle, it is important to hire professional towing service providers to clear the mess due to the reasons discussed below.

Ensuring site safety

A professional towing company will warn all the approaching traffic about the incident on the highway. Using flaggers, barricades, flashing lights or cones appropriately at the crash site, the towing company will prevent any other additional vehicles from getting involved in the pileup. Professionals from the towing company will clearly demarcate the recovery site from a safe distance to warn other drivers approaching the crash site.  In addition, they will protect the responders, drivers and by-standers from harm by establishing a safe distance in case of equipment malfunction or failure, or explosion from the crash site. Site operators from the towing company will also clear the debris, spilled products and glass shatters from the road to open it up faster for other road users.     

Fast recovery of vehicles

After a crash, vehicles must be recovered and properly positioned for loading, so that they can be transported away from the scene.  The process is successfully completed using appropriate rigging and a winch to lift the wreck into the tow truck. It is important to ensure that all the equipment is in a good working condition to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Professional operators from the towing company will follow the securing and towing procedures stipulated by the vehicles' manufacturers to ensure transportation is damage free.

Safe keeping of vehicles

At times, the damage a vehicle sustains during the accident may lead to other unexpected additional problems.  For instance, destruction of the vehicle's wiring system may result in a fire days or hours after the crash. Experts from a towing company have undergone proper training and also have the necessary equipment to deal with such incidences. Additionally, the interior of the vehicle may be exposed to weather elements in case the cargo or the passenger area is damaged during the crash. To deal with such a problem, the towing company, such as Country City Towing, will use a thin film wrap to protect the interior from degradation by weather elements. You can rest assured that the vehicle is safe, until you complete the claim process with your insurance company.