3 Tips For Keeping Your Diesel Engine In Great Shape

A diesel engine is a popular choice for many people due to the fact that many diesel engines offer good fuel efficiency, longevity, and power. However, a diesel engine can sometimes be difficult to properly maintain because it requires a number of maintenance tasks that you do not typically have to worry about with a gasoline engine. Listed below are three tips for making sure that your diesel engine remains in good shape for as long as possible.

Drain Your Water Separator

One of the maintenance tasks that you will want to keep current on is draining the water separator. A water separator is a device that is meant to store water that is separated from the fuel as your vehicle runs.

When water gets into your engine it can cause your fuel to oxidize, which can result in the formation of acids and sediment that can cause your engine components to degrade quickly and prematurely. In order to keep as much water out of your engine and fuel as possible, you will need to make sure that you periodically check and empty the water separator's tank in order to keep it working optimally. In most cases, the separator will be near your fuel pump and can be emptied by simply turning a small valve on the separator. 

Utilize Biodiesel When Possible

Another way that you can extend the life of your diesel engine is to use biodiesel whenever possible. In most cases, your diesel vehicle will be able to utilize biodiesel with minimal changes to your vehicle, if any.

The reason that you will want to use this fuel type is that it contains fewer minerals and chemicals than regular diesel, which can keep mineral deposits from forming in your fuel lines or engine and help you avoid unnecessary wear on the engine. In addition, the biodiesel can also help remove mineral or other types of deposits in your engine over time.

Use Diesel Fuel Additives

Finally, you will want to consider using a diesel fuel additive every time you fill up your tank. These additives are designed to keep fuel from clogging up on the fuel injectors or to cause other types of residue to form. This is very important as clogged or dirty fuel injectors can lead to your engine's performance being negatively impacted or cause mechanical failure.

Contact a diesel mechanic today in order to discuss the many ways in which you can keep your diesel engine operating as well as possible for many years to come. Using diesel fuel additives and biodiesel can help deal with any impurities in the fuel and remove residue while emptying the water separator will keep your engine safe from water-related damage and wear. Contact a company, such as Bethel Automotive, for more information.