Tips For Preserving The Body Of Your Car

If you have just purchased a new car, you have just invested a significant amount of money in your transportation. You want to be sure this investment lasts as long as possible by keeping it in good condition. One obvious part of your car that you want to keep in good condition is the body, due to the fact that it protects the critical parts of your vehicle and is easy to see. You want to maintain the body in order to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your new car. Here are some tips.

1. Get on a Regular Car Wash Schedule

Salt, snow, and chemicals found on the ground are going to erode the body of your car and wear off the paint. This is a huge problem, but it can be easily resolved as long as you are cleaning off your car on a regular basis. During the summer, you can either choose to do it yourself, or you can simply get on a schedule of going to an automated car wash. You will need to wash your car every five to ten days during the winter and every two weeks or so in the summer, depending on your driving conditions. 

You might worry that all of those car washes can get expensive. Many car washes will offer discounts if you purchase pre-loaded cards in bulk that are good for redemption at car wash centers, or you can find a gas station that gives you a discount on gas for every car wash you get. This will help you feel obligated to actually take the time to wash your car.

2. Get Paint Chips Fixed Twice a Year

Commit to getting any paint chips that you might have noticed in your vehicle fixed twice a year. This is critical because the paint is a main form of defense against erosion, but if the paint should chip, that defense is easily penetrated. Commit to taking your car to an auto body shop and having them patch all of the chips so you are protected again. Do it once before winter and once after winter to make sure that everything is squared away.

3. Get Rid of Bird Droppings Immediately

Finally, be sure that you get rid of any bird droppings immediately. Bird droppings tend to be highly acidic and can dissolve the paint on your car, leaving ugly spots that are more vulnerable to corrosion. 

For more information, talk to a company that specialize in automotive care.