Just Get Your Car Painted? Follow These Tips To Avoid Scratches

Your car will never look better than when it rolls out of a local auto body shop after being painted. Chances are it will even look better than the day you purchased your car. Scratches can happen though, and it's normal to want to do whatever you can to prevent them from happening. That's why you should know common reasons why cars can become scratched, and how to avoid it.

Reasons For Paint Job Scratches

A scratch can happen almost randomly for a variety of reasons. Some common situations include:

  • Fluctuations in the temperature
  • Moisture
  • Debris
  • Using inappropriate cleaning solutions or cleaning methods
  • Car covers that are abrasive
  • Toxic liquids
  • Bird droppings

These reasons barely scratch the surface when it comes to why a scratch can occur. Preventing scratches may seem hopeless to you when you really start thinking of the different situations. All you can really do is try to avoid them if it's easy to do by making a few changes.

Ways To Avoid Paint Scratches

Consider adopting some new habits that can reduce the chance of a scratch happening. Start by isolating your car when parking in parking lots. Avoid going for that lone spot up front where someone is sure to park next to you, and opt for the lone spot near the back so that there is plenty of room for opening doors safely.

Park your car under shade, but try to avoid parking under trees. Your goal is to keep the car away from the harsh rays of the sun all day long, so look for awnings, tall buildings, or even indoor parking structures. A tree could cause damage from sap dripping onto the paint job, bird droppings, and even fruits that could fall off if it's a fruit tree.

When driving, avoid going on dirt roads when it is possible. The debris found on the road can kick up and cause a scratch, even if you are driving at slow speeds. 

A good rule to follow is to treat your car's paint job as if it were sensitive skin. Anything that is abrasive can rub the paint job in a bad way, causing damage in the process. Use microfiber cloths to clean your car instead of old rags lying around.

If you do end up getting a scratch in the paint job that is a constant eyesore for you, take your car back to the body shop or collision center to have the scratch concealed or removed.