Choosing Between A Side-Dump And Traditional Rear-Dump Trailer

If you run a large-scale landscaping business where you need to transport mass amounts of materials and then dump them in a particular spot, you know how handy it is to have a truck and trailer that maneuver well and that have lots of hauling space. Traditionally this meant choosing a trailer that let you dump the materials out of the rear door, and you had to choose different sizes to ensure that you'd be able to handle jobs at sites that had varying clearances. Now, though, you have the option of getting a trailer that dumps from the side. Here's a look at which type might be better for you.

More Maneuverability

Sometimes you have to dump loads in areas where, if you tried to position a rear-dump trailer perpendicular to the curb or edge of the site, the trailer wouldn't fit. Even short trailers are sometimes stymied by this situation. If the job site has another area where you can dump the materials and then have other workers carry the materials over, you could still use the rear-dump trailer. But if the site doesn't have that option, you have a problem unless you have a side-dump trailer. These allow you to park parallel along the edge of the site and still dump the materials onto the pre-arranged spot. If having that option is important to you, a side-dump trailer would be best.

Larger Loads

Along with the maneuverability issue comes load size. If you have a lot to transport and dump -- enough to fill a large trailer -- but you can fit only a small rear-dump trailer in the spot, you would have to make multiple trips to deliver all of the materials. With a side-dump trailer, though, you could bring over a large trailer, park parallel to the edge of the site, and dump everything in one load. If you want that efficiency, go for a side-dump trailer.

Varied Loads

If all you ever have to bring to a site is materials for dumping, a trailer that you can use solely for dumping is perfect, be it side or rear. But if you often have to send multiple vehicles over because you also need to deliver other equipment, that can cost a lot in terms of fuel and driver time. One advantage to side-dump trailers is that there are models that use a long base trailer to hold a smaller dumping compartment plus open space where you can put other equipment. You would need to send only one driver and one trailer in that case.

If you want to find out more information about how side-dump trailers work or whether there are models that would work well for your business, start checking out trailer dealers, like Jet Company, to see what they offer. Both rear- and side-dump trailers come in many models, so you'll have a wealth of options to consider.