Car Detailing

If you are one of the many people who are less than conscientious about maintaining your car, it's not too late to reform. You can "bring back" the look of your car's interior and protect the exterior by having it detailed, a professional cleaning that dives into all the crevices in your vehicles, leaving it gleaming once again. If your car or truck is looking less than stellar, you should invest in an expert cleaning job. Read More 

How To Avoid Buying Damaged Or Stolen Car Parts

As a general rule, you always want to buy car parts from people or retailers you know (such as Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking). Sometimes you can find a really good deal from a private seller, but that is a "buyer beware" market. If you still want to take the risk and buy your used car parts from a private seller, here are some tips on how to avoid buying damaged or stolen car parts. Read More 

3 Reasons to Enroll Your Teenager in Driving School

Allowing your teenager to drive for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, you might feel more confident about the situation if your child gets the proper training by enrolling in a driving school. This article will cover some of the things that will make enrolling your teenager in driving school beneficial. 1. Auto Insurance Might Be Less Expensive When auto insurance companies are aware that your teen has undergone professional driving instructions, it helps them feel more confident that your teen will practice safety on the roads. Read More 

Tips For Spotting A Failing Head Gasket Before It Ruins Your Engine

When it comes to engine failures, few things can be as catastrophic as a head gasket failure. While a head gasket leak caught early can be easily remedied, if you don't identify it right away, you may be looking at a complete engine failure and potentially the need for replacement. One of the best things you can do for your car's engine is to recognize the signs of a failing head gasket before it destroys the engine. Read More 

What Is A Rear Wheel Cylinder?

Without a rear wheel cylinder, your car would not be capable of functioning and safely stopping when the brakes are applied. It is a very small but crucial part of the braking system in your vehicle. This is one of the major reasons you must maintain your brakes regularly. Where is the Rear Wheel Cylinder? It is positioned above the brake shoes at the top section of the wheel. The main function of the cylinder is to apply force to the shoes and make contact with the drum. Read More